The Roaring Zebrix


The Roaring Zebrix, a popular if oddly named pub in Arulli’s Hem, owned by Gurt Fenn a self-professed ‘former explorer’. Gurt named his pub for an apparent monstrosity he encountered on his travels, that he claims to have subsequently slain and sold to the Aeon Priests for a considerable sum thus allowing him to purchase the Zebrix. The more sceptical among us would question why pick an establishment somewhere like the Hem but Gurt insists his business is booming.
After all, even criminals want a drink now and then.

As to what the Zebrix is, or where it was found, Gurt swears he was sworn to secrecy by the Papacy, so incredible was his discovery. Gurt is quick to tell anyone who listens with half an ear that he was given the proud task of naming the unique beast.

The Zebrix is widely known for its passable ale, edible food and constant opening hours. Rooms can be hired for a small sum, though cleanliness and comfort are not high on the list of features. The clientele is typical of the Hem, people down on their luck, those on the poverty line, petty thieves and more sinister individuals.

One can generally find what they are looking for at the Zebrix.

The Roaring Zebrix

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