Fremwell & Associates Ltd.


Fremwell & Associates Ltd, purveyor and craft of fine jewellery.

Holder of the Royal Seal of Craftsmanship since Arullian’s reign, and regular supplier to the Crown.

All manner of jewellery crafted and designed in-house by excellently trained staff, including incorporation of Numenera to bespoke pieces. Our in-house Nano Cadre are well-versed in the art of crafting those indecipherables of a bygone age into sought-after pieces that would make the owner the envy of the Colonnades.
(We offer a 60% guarantee that any piece of Numenera crafted into jewellery will retain either its original, or another, function – something our competitors cannot match!).

Browsing of our fine pieces is encouraged but if you are in the market for something special, make an appointment with our Chief Clerk for a private consultation with our crafters.

Fremwell & Associates Ltd.

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