Taya Emols

Socialite daughter of House Emols.


A party-girl and scene-stealer. Frequent client of The Grove with her noble-born circle of friends.


Taya is the youngest, and only, daughter of House Emols. She delights in spending her father’s carefully earned fortune, caring not where it comes from but only where its going. A fixture at popular places throughout Charmonde, notably The Grove and the annual Fireside Masque Balls held at the Empiternal House.

A beautiful and striking young woman, Taya behaves as though she thinks of little else but the pursuit of pleasure. Her life has been care-free and pampered since birth, but she does not seemed to have inherited the hard-working ethic of her father and rumour has it the House are seeking someone suitable to take Erannis Emols’ place when he steps down as director of the Emols lucrative business – Taya has demonstrated neither desire nor aptitude for the role.

Taya has recently started courting Crown Agent Solinar Westwood, son of the disgraced Westwood family.

Taya Emols

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