Sister Charon [deceased]

A golden-hued Child of the Grace


The unfortunate victim of a mysterious murder in the Grove, a member of the Grace and noticeable for it.

It has since been discovered that Sister Charon was once Sylvensa Everring, sister of Yvensa Everring and a well-known explorer and anthropologist with Asarantic University.


Little is know of the former Sister Charon, save for some details of the strange circumstances in which she died. A native of Charmonde, who had a different name once before she found the Blessing of the Grace.

Last seen at the Grove, proselytising to the liberal clientele without much success by all accounts, seemingly killed in one of the private rooms.
The three people believed to have last seen her were witnessed running from the scene, seemingly terrified by what had occurred. Their descriptions are vague, the only witness a drunk noble-born woman who now awaits a visit to the Wreave…


Charon’s body has been interred in the House of the Dead, wrapped in the traditional manner and watched over by the shambling Afflicted in the Everring wing of the House. No longer golden-skinned, it would seem the Grace has left her, and Charon rests next to her sister Yvensa.

Mordicant Koda Resk facilitates a brief conversation with the departed, revealing that he in fact was one who murdered Charon in the Grove that night. Charon brought the Grace with her into Charmonde and intended to bring it to her sister and her friends.

Sister Charon [deceased]

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