Sakura Westwood

Daughter of the Westwoods, known as 'The Burning Witch'


Sakura, twin of Solinar, is the daughter of the disgraced Westwood family. Missing since the execution of her parents, Sakura found her way to the Convergence where the Magisters recognised her destructive capabilities and found a way to use them to their advantage.

Sakura has been instrumental in the development of portal technology that the Convergence have found in their excavations. Using this numenera, Sakura waged a brief campaign of terrorism against Charmonde whereby she inflicted burning potential on subjects and turned them into living bombs.

Since reconnecting with her brother, Sakura has agreed to halt her campaign and find a better way to effect her revenge on Queen Armalu.

Sakura often appears in disguise with differing skin and hair colours as well as facial features to avoid detection by the agents of the Crown.


Sakura Westwood

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