The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Dead House

Every year, the Court hosts the Fireside Masquerade and every year, they invite the most important dignitary they can find. This year, it is none other than the Prophet of the Grace. The spokesperson of the latest, most insidious religious movement to hit the streets of Charmonde.

What will the ostracised Spy Masters do? Cut off from Threx, hounded by the Constabulary and clearly in the sights of Administrex Lenne….

Solinar sets his sights on securing the favour of famed socialite Taya Emols, coaxing her into believing his half-truths of assassination and trickery in the Court.

Caelan and Zeb locate the well-known Mordicant Resk, amongst the Afflicted, and determine that he was the one responsible for Sister Charon’s unfortunate death. However, Charon is no longer Charon but once again the sister of Yvensa Everring….

What is the Grace? Where does it come from? How does it work? What does it want?

Perhaps all questions will be answered at the Fireside Masquerade….



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