The Necrologists Guild


The Guild is one of Charmonde’s most infamous establishments, known of through the nine kingdoms.

The Guild was established centuries ago, under Armalu’s guidance, by a talented Nano who demonstrated an ability to converse with the dead named Varla Resk. Varla became the first Cadavamancer of the Guild and searched for people with similar talents for dealing with the dead.
Queen Armalu passed laws that allowed the Constabulary to involve the Guild in murder cases whereby the Guild would ask the victims who had killed them.
As the ranks of the Guild grew – Acolytes and Necrologians were sought and trained, the most capable becoming the first Mordicants, the Cadavamancer’s chosen lieutenants – the services offered were expanded from simply conversing with the dead to caring for those interred in the House of the Dead, dealing with the Afflicted (and in some rare cases, reversing the affliction) amongst others.

Those who work for the Guild are dark and sombre, they are respected and feared. Tales of what the Cadavamancer and Mordicants are capable of have ensured that they are never targeted by criminals nor involved in the spats between noble families. For most part…

The Necrologists Guild

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