Navarene Constabulary

The Navarene Constabulary was established early in Armalu’s reign, formally, as the visible arm of her laws. Often seen through the city, men and women in smart uniforms, their presence lends comfort to law-abiding citizens and deters those less-inclined to follow the Queen’s precepts.

The Constabulary presence is clear throughout the Emerald Market Square, not far from their headquarters on Bexon Way, and constables patrol regularly through the Colonnades and the Four Fortress grounds.

More recently, dissidents and enemies of the Queen have sought to criticise the Constabulary for their apparent lack of effectiveness – citing examples of increasing criminal activity in Arullian’s Hem, once of the less-polished parts of the capital. The Chief Constable, and his superior, Administrex Lenne, have quashed these rumours quickly indicating immediate inroads into investigations into activity in the area which under Crown Law cannot be discussed fully in the public forum.

The Constabulary boasts many proud men and women of Charmonde, and has earned a reputation throughout the Nine Kingdoms as one of the most effective, organised forces (barring the Royal Army) in maintaining the security of Navarene.

Navarene Constabulary

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