Character Specifics

The Premise
All characters are part of the Navarene Intelligence Service, working in a ‘unit’ or ‘cell’ of three operatives who report directly to Master Threx who, in turn, receives directives from Queen Armalu.

Each character will have their own reasons for serving the Queen, whether it is out of loyalty and a sense of patriotism, a belief in the entitlement of the rich lives of the citizens of Navarene and a desire to protect that. Perhaps they have been coerced into service, bearing some talent or skill that the Queen wants to make use of and has ensured that she has sufficient hold over the character to do so.

Whatever the reason is, the characters service is absolute. At least for now.

The characters will be native to the Nine Kingdoms, preferably Navarene but elsewhere is acceptable (perhaps they will have been coerced into service). They won’t have been to the Beyond but will know of it from common rumour and Intelligence briefings (such as they are).

Starting equipment and shins will be as stated in the Corebook for each Character Type. Ciphers and oddities will be selected by the GM.

Character Specifics

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