The Nine Kingdoms: A History

Blood On The Carpet....

Master Fremwell hides his associations with the rich and powerful of the city, why?

Administrex Lenne airily enquires about the investigation, to what end?

The mysterious Prophet, who welcomed Sister Charon into the Grace, away on equally mysterious business….

Lady Yvensa Everring, owner of the Jewelled Claw, and apparent friend of The Wreave attempts to stall the murder investigation….

The walls are stained with the Wreave’s oily blood and the walls echo with her last breath:
“My daughters will eat your memories!”

Zeb stands holding the bloodied Jewelled Claw, ripped from Lady Everring’s body.

Caelan stands over the Wreave’s unmoving corpse.

Solinar holds a bow, whilst and arrows sticks from the chest of the Wreave.

Another murder?

The Jewelled Woman

The mystery deepens….

The woman who can’t remember, sent to the Wreave to have her thoughts plucked from her pretty head…

The golden-skinned woman’s death unexplained and unresolved. Blessed by the Grace but not saved from murder by it? Who was Sister Charon? What warranted her murder?

The only lead, a rich woman who wears an exquisite jewelled claw on one arm, and her companions, ‘The Lovers’. Were they the last ones to see Sister Charon alive? Were they the ones who murdered her?

Everyone has secrets: Madame Josepha, Sister Charon, Taya Emols, Caelan, Zeb, Solinar….

What secrets would you kill for?

A Murder At The Grove.

Master Threx, brusque and blunt, commands your attention on a murder at The Grove.

Father Brink, bumbling and decrepit, drops a note of paper that reads ‘sequestration’.

The Grove, a place of ill-and-illustrous repute. A woman with golden skin, murdered in a back room with no obvious cause.

The golden-skinned ones seen in the market decrying the immoral practices of The Grove.

Madam Josepha knows nothing. A drunk, noble-born woman sees people fleeing the murder scene with fear writ on their face.

Why has Master Threx brought you here? What reason for the murder? Why has the Crown taken an interest?

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