The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Story So Far...

Three unfortunates given over to service of Master Threx, the Spymaster of Queen Armalu’s court, through a mixture of their own volition and the Crown’s. A coldly efficient and violently capable young man, a charming worker of miracles and a young woman so nondescript you sometimes don’t see her. Thrust into the investigation of a mysterious death of a golden-skinned woman for reasons that are not entirely clear to them at first save for an errant ‘note’ left by the enigmatic Father Brink, an apparently ‘de-frocked’ Aeon Priest in the Court.

The group’s investigations took them to the delightfully debauched establishment known as the Grove and into the house of Madame Josepha, where the aforementioned murder had taken place. Short on information regarding cause of death, subtle clues made themselves apparent and lead the group to believe this was no ordinary murder.
The golden woman, it seemed, was a member of a religious order known as the Grace. A movement relatively new to Charmonde but garnering converts, if only by the slowly increasing number of golden-skinned individuals seen in the market squares of the city. The question of who murdered this Sister Charon of the Grace, and why, lead them to the affluent Colonnades with a description of a striking woman, her comrades and a jewelled-studded claw.

Careful questioning and (mis)use of Constabulary resources led the intrepid group to Fremwell and Associates Ltd, who would claim to create the most beautiful (and most expensive) artifices for any noble’s adornment and are known for building Numenera into their creations. Following a tussle with some hired mercenaries and some careful distraction, the group established that Lady Yvensa Everring was the owner of the exquisite claw.

On finding the Everring estate in the Colonnades, the group boldly gained entrance to see the Lady in her home only to be confronted by Lady Everring and her guest, the dangerously informed Wreave. A fight ensues in which Everring’s arm is taken from her and the Wreave killed as she attempts to escape, the end of which is witnessed by an unfortunately large contingent of the Constabulary.

The group are ushered, pointedly, into ‘protective custody’ within the lower levels of the Empiternal House despite attempting to speak to Master Threx. Administrex Lenne makes her bid for their loyalties, without success, and leaves them to the fate she arranged. Unbeknownst to Lenne, the Mordicant of the Necrologist’s Guild she has brought in to commune with the Wreave’s deceased spirit knows of the Grace and of Lady Everring. Introducing himself as Koda Resk, one of those present at the death of Sister Charon, he helps the group escape by distracting their guards with something unseen and terrifying.

Rushing from their prison the group find themselves in Arulli’s Hem, witnessing a brutal attack upon a citizen of the area by a strange white creature. Giving chase they come to battle the strangely animalistic being and discover a nest of similar creatures, all strangely reminiscent of the Wreave which reminds them sharply of her threat regarding her daughters. Believing they have discovered the new Wreave, a growing and changing Wreavling, the group fight their way through a number of Wreavlings to reach her.

The White Creature

An alabaster hunter stalks the streets of Arulli’s Hem, cleaving and feasting on the denizens of the slums.

What lies in the old warehouse? What is transforming? What did the Wreave leave behind?

So many questions, so many memories and always, the lasting cry of the dying Wreave:

“My daughters will consume your memories!”

What will it become?

The Spider's Storeroom

Framed for a murder they may or may have not committed, the only ones who witnessed it are now dead.

Bargains are proffered, rejected and struck…but with the right people? The powerful and manipulative Administrex, the strangely helpful Mordicant or the conspicuously absent Master Threx?

An escape from the Constabulary’s custody will have consequences, but for whom?

Who is the strange animalistic creature savaging passers by in Arulli’s Hem?

Blood On The Carpet....

Master Fremwell hides his associations with the rich and powerful of the city, why?

Administrex Lenne airily enquires about the investigation, to what end?

The mysterious Prophet, who welcomed Sister Charon into the Grace, away on equally mysterious business….

Lady Yvensa Everring, owner of the Jewelled Claw, and apparent friend of The Wreave attempts to stall the murder investigation….

The walls are stained with the Wreave’s oily blood and the walls echo with her last breath:
“My daughters will eat your memories!”

Zeb stands holding the bloodied Jewelled Claw, ripped from Lady Everring’s body.

Caelan stands over the Wreave’s unmoving corpse.

Solinar holds a bow, whilst and arrows sticks from the chest of the Wreave.

Another murder?

The Jewelled Woman

The mystery deepens….

The woman who can’t remember, sent to the Wreave to have her thoughts plucked from her pretty head…

The golden-skinned woman’s death unexplained and unresolved. Blessed by the Grace but not saved from murder by it? Who was Sister Charon? What warranted her murder?

The only lead, a rich woman who wears an exquisite jewelled claw on one arm, and her companions, ‘The Lovers’. Were they the last ones to see Sister Charon alive? Were they the ones who murdered her?

Everyone has secrets: Madame Josepha, Sister Charon, Taya Emols, Caelan, Zeb, Solinar….

What secrets would you kill for?

A Murder At The Grove.

Master Threx, brusque and blunt, commands your attention on a murder at The Grove.

Father Brink, bumbling and decrepit, drops a note of paper that reads ‘sequestration’.

The Grove, a place of ill-and-illustrous repute. A woman with golden skin, murdered in a back room with no obvious cause.

The golden-skinned ones seen in the market decrying the immoral practices of The Grove.

Madam Josepha knows nothing. A drunk, noble-born woman sees people fleeing the murder scene with fear writ on their face.

Why has Master Threx brought you here? What reason for the murder? Why has the Crown taken an interest?

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