The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Journey
Part I

Having secured supplies from the Market, consulted the vague maps of Master Threx and established a plan; the group have set off for the Black City, accompanied by Sodrun Ak in his new role and two corporals of the Queensguard, Vex and Rather.

Zeb informs the other two of her late night visit from Madame Candour who has asked her to collect something from the Black City on her behalf, but does not want the Crown or its operatives to know about it. On questioning, Candour insists the item is of a medicinal nature and she doesn’t believe it affects Numenera adversely.

The first leg of the journey is uneventful as the trio get used to riding the docile aneen towards the Black Riage and the Empty Sanctum. During the middle of the night at their first stop, Caelan sees an abykos attempting to reach something through the fabric of Zeb’s tent. A brief fight ensues, resulting in the abykos’ end, however it is soon found that the noteglass Master Threx had gifted the group with is no longer functional – its energies having been consumed in the abykos’ touch.

Soon after the group continues its journey towards the Empty Sanctum, arriving late at night at the strange stone tower to be greeted by Magister Bron who seems impatient at their presence. Sojourning up the tower towards the ‘Wire’, the group see something Bron refers to tersely as a ‘conduit’ in the centre of the structure but little else can be gotten from him as he ushers them upstairs.

Approaching a wide open balcony, the group are confronted with what can only be described as a floating ‘ship’. Its surface is metallic in nature, with wide wing-like structures spreading from its prow. Magisters cluster around it as they untie the ropes securing it in place, in mid-air.

The Last 24 Hours

Following on from Madame Candour’s ‘tip’ about the former-Cadavomancer’s whereabouts, the intrepid three make their way to the West Gate. All the while discussing the best approach to the fugitive, Sol and Zeb elect to have Caelan attempt to kidnap Krin and plan to question him as to his motives and methods.

However things to not go to plan as Krin resists any attempts to be subdued, using his formidabble necrologic talents in the process. Accompanied by two desicatted Seskii hounds, Krin binds Caelan to the spot and unleashes his undead gods at once. A stealthy side-step and neat ‘bump’ by Zeb allows Caelan to wake from his stupor and the sneakiest member of the group to hold a knife to Krin’s throat.

Krin attempts to kill himself, to avoid questioning, but Sol’s miraculous skills bring him straight back to life.
The intelligencers are able to commandeer a warehouse in Arulli’s Hem to question Krin, learning of his hate and vitriol towards Armalu and the city of Charmonde. He claims responsibility for the fires that destroyed the city’s stores of Purifiers. During a brief lucid moment, it becomes apparent that Krin knows Solinar’s sister and cites her as the source of the ‘Detonates’ seen in the Cypher’s vision of the Guild of Necrologists fire. He also comments that Caelan is ‘barely even human’.

As if deciding he has revealed to much, Krin issues a silent command to his Seskii hounds who promptly savage his head and neck, tearing it clean off and preventing any further attempts at resurrection.


Returning to the Empiternal House, the group arrive at Threx’s office to hear the latter part of an argument between Koda Resk, the new Cadavomancer, and his lover, Sodrun Ak, who has since been cured of the The Grace but now also sports the Numenera implant last seen on one of Administrex Lenne’s lackeys during the Fireside Masquerade. Koda appears particularly unhappy with the situation.

A brief discussion with Threx outlines some of the ‘complexities’ of the current situation. It would appear there are still acolytes of the Grace in their informal temple in the centre of the city, aggressively converting guards and citizens alike. Threx indicates General Doe is there overseeing the situation, however the party elect not to inform Threx of the General’s involvement on the attempt on Armalu’s life. The Spymaster also states that an envoy of the Amber Papacy is on their way to ‘investigate’ the situation with the Grace as word has made it all the way to the seat of the Order of Truth in Qi, and the Amber Pope himself has expressed ‘concerns’ over the matter. The representatives arrive in a few days and Threx stresses the need to obtain more Purifiers from the Black City.

Master Threx goes some way to explaining the cryptic directions found in the Guild records of the previous trip to Black City, revealing that the Queen herself has some sort of arrangement with the Convergence whereby they can use one of their facilities in Charmonde to travel quickly to their destination. He furnishes the group with funds to purchase mounts and provisions, and bids them on their way – sending the newly employed Sodrun with them as insurance.

A brief conversation with Koda Resk reveals he knows nothing of why Sodrun agreed to the implant, which grants him odd abilities but can only be removed on his death, nor why he is helping Threx. Zeb manages to hint that all may not be above board with General Doe, who is currently overseeing the containment of the Grace in the middle of the city. Koda agrees to look into the situation.

With that, the three retire to their beds to await the start of their journey South…

The Search

Using a ‘trusty’ cypher, the group determine that the former Cadavomancer was involved in the attack upon the Guild of Necrologist’s supply of Purifiers to cure the parasites that can eat away the Grace.

Further investigation reveals that the former Cadavomancer was not captured by the Queensguard following the events of the Masquerade, and that spontaenous fires have ripped through certain, vital parts of Charmonde destroying useful evidence and tools in the fight to contain and prevent the Grace.

Solinar manages to question those in the Guild who witnessed, and experienced, the attack upon the Purifier stores in the Guild and manages to heal their terrible burns whilst narrowly avoiding experiencing the same. His mental prodding determines the former Cadavomancer Krin was not alone when he razed the Guild stores.

Zeb and Caelan take to the alleyways and underbelly of Charmonde for their answers, heading to Callopa’s Eatery to ask questions and work out if they like the answers. They chance upon Madame Candour who, in return for a small favour, helps them locate Krin before he escapes Charmonde and at the same time chillingly offers Caelan a prediction about his near-future.

After all, Madame Candour sees all….


An audience with Queen Armalu leads the group to seek out the research of Father Brink and the effects of the Deathwatch parasite from the Necrologist’s Guild.

Brink’s laboratory contains the remenents of Lenne‘s agent and the Prophet, apparently in some form of stasis and the parasite that may ’cure’ the Grace.
Solinar elects to allow Brink to test the parasite against his own abilities to heal whilst the others seek out the new Cadavamancer and source more of the parasite for study.

On arriving at the Guild of Necrologists, Caelan and Zeb find it has been brutally attacked by a faction of the Queensguard, destroying their supplies of purifiers which are the only things known to cure the Deathwatch parasite. The newly minted Cadavamancer, Koda Resk, states that the only source is the Black City, south of the Black Riage, many miles away from the Charmonde that breeds the purifiers. The last time he knows of the kingdom’s contact with the City was centuries ago.

During the course of his testing, Sol discovers Brink was once an Aeon Priest and part of the Amber Papacy but his reasons for being in Armalu’s court are not yet clear.

Regrouping in a place they feel is beyond the eyes of the Crown, the group attempt to plan their next move….

The Showdown

In an attempt to bring her plan to completion, Administrex Lenne brings the Prophet, her loyal guard and her lackey to Armalu’s very door.

A fight ensues where cyphers are cast about, the guard are overcome and the Prophet attempts to spread the Grace even further…

As the dust settles and Father Brink arrives with the remaining Queensguard still loyal to the Queen, Caelan elects to end Lenne’s plans in a more permanent fashion.

Left with the unconscious body of the Prophet, Armalu orders Brink to ‘take what they need’ from the priest with the help of ‘Elinor’.

Before being consigned to bed-rest, the three agents witness the apparent recovery of one of the Prophet’s Disciples who was struck by the Mordicant’s strange device – yet also apparently afflicted with the Deathwatch parasite.

An omnious audience with Armalu looms ahead….

The Fireside Masquerade

The night of the Masquerade has arrived, the three spy-masters don their disguises and charm the hapless socialite Taya Emols into helping them gain entrance to the Empiternal House.

Overhearing a conversation between Administrex Lenne and one of her associates, it becomes apparent that she intends to open the Queen’s chambers and somehow involve the Prophet in her plan.

Zeb contacts Threx, only to find him there in the palace and urges him to leave before Lenne gets what she needs from him – a code to gain entry to the chambers.

As a distraction, under Armalu’s nose no less, she has the Prophet ‘demonstrate’ the power of the Grace on Mordicant Resk‘s lover – bringing the Grace to him before the eyes of the Court and the many guests of the Masquerade.
Mordicant Resks interrupts, too late to save his lover, but throws some sort of Numenera device that incapacitates one of the Prophet’s Disciples with some sort of organic substance.

Using the distraction as an opportunity to move, Lenne takes the Prophet to breach the Queen’s chambers – pursued by Solinar, Caelan and Zeb.

The Once-Wreave

Having tracked the Once-Wreave to the original hide-out of the Wreave’s Daughters, a decrepti warehouse in Arulli’s Hem, the intrepid intelligencers are faced with the creature’s curious and savage need to survive.

A harrowing battle ensues, the Once-Wreave proving to be a formidable foe but ultimately no match for Caelan’s deadly grace and Zeb’s surreptitious stealth, with Solinar’s gentle miracles sealing wounds as fast as the Once-Wreave inflicts them.

Having burnt the body of the creature, making sure it is most definitely dead and gone, Zeb returns to the University to lecture Professor Knox on the dangers of not keeping his specimens more secure.
Solinar checks up on the girl, Mara, whom he brought back from the brink of death in a local shelter in the Hem and confirms that she doesn’t carry the Once-Wreave’s poison that almost turned him into one of the Afflicted.

A plan is discussed and loosely made to intercept a member of the Grace and determine if Solinar’s healing talents, powerful as they are, extend to ‘curing’ a person of the Grace. Alas, the attempt is unsuccessful when tested on an acolyte in the marketplace.

For now, the Fireside Masquerade awaits!

Blood On The Streets

Enlisting the aid of the Mordicant to cure Solinar of his ‘affliction’, Zeb and Caelan return to Arulli’s Hem only to find Solinar has purged the poison from his body – a rare occurence according to the Mordicant.

A in-depth conversation between Solinar and Caelan, whereby the healer attempts to offer his skills for the young man’s apparent amnesia is interrupted by a series of screams from the street outside the Roaring Zebrix.

The three operatives hurry to the street, to find a man disembowelled and a young woman badly wounded. Solinar pushes his talents to their limit to heal the woman’s wounds and bring her back from the brink of death. Caelan and Zeb hurry off in the direction of the apparent attacker, deeper into the Hem and find hoof-prints that lead up to the rooftops of the tenements and back down into the street opposite. Blood trails at each point and they find a half-eaten arm.

Re-grouping at the tavern, a messenger scurries up to them bearing a missive from Professor Knox stating that the Wreavling they left in his care has escaped.

A trip to Asarantic University reveals a bloodstained and ransacked laboratory, Professor Knox describes the creature metamorphing into something else entirely possibly fuelled by all the different flesh it was fed from his lab.

Retracing their steps to the warehouse they found the Wreavlings the first time, the intrepid three come face to face with the Once-Wreave

The Dead House

Every year, the Court hosts the Fireside Masquerade and every year, they invite the most important dignitary they can find. This year, it is none other than the Prophet of the Grace. The spokesperson of the latest, most insidious religious movement to hit the streets of Charmonde.

What will the ostracised Spy Masters do? Cut off from Threx, hounded by the Constabulary and clearly in the sights of Administrex Lenne….

Solinar sets his sights on securing the favour of famed socialite Taya Emols, coaxing her into believing his half-truths of assassination and trickery in the Court.

Caelan and Zeb locate the well-known Mordicant Resk, amongst the Afflicted, and determine that he was the one responsible for Sister Charon’s unfortunate death. However, Charon is no longer Charon but once again the sister of Yvensa Everring….

What is the Grace? Where does it come from? How does it work? What does it want?

Perhaps all questions will be answered at the Fireside Masquerade….

The 'Wrong' Flesh...

After a fraught battle with the Daughters of the Wreave, the investigators find themselves staring at a malformed creature that may be the next Wreave but professes that it has not had the “white flesh, the pure flesh”.

As Solinar fights the effects of the Wreavling’s poison, Caelan watches over the creature and Zeb traverses the city unseen to seek help from contacts at the local university. Before leaving, she takes Sol to her hideaway, allowing him to rest, and discovers that Master Threx has been there and left some useful gifts for her and her companions.

Having previously sold creatures and remains of such to the university’s Biology department, Zeb has made a fast friend of Professor Semble Knox; an expert of the many creatures of the Ninth World. Convincing the professor to abandon his work and come with her to Arulli’s Hem to see the half-Wreave, Zeb hurries back with the hope that he can also help her companion to live through the effects of the Wreavling’s poison.

Meanwhile, the creature attempts to converse with Caelan. First it asks for blood, then declares it ‘remembers him’ before attempting to cut off parts of its own body, the ‘wrong’ flesh. In attempting to stop the creature harming itself, Caelan grabs its arm and experiences a flurry of images in his mind that momentarily stuns him. Perhaps something of the Wreave remains in this new and deformed incarnation?

Whilst Professor Knox’s ministrations to Sol only delay his symptoms, he excitedly examines the creature and makes arrangements to transport it back to the University.

What is this new creature? This new Wreave? What will the Professor learn?
Will Solinar survive the poisons? What did the new Wreave show Caelan?


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