A stealthy Jack who exists partially out of phase


At about 5’2 and of slim build, there’s nothing remarkable about Zeb and she works very hard to keep it that way. Her preferred attire is best described as “cloths”, which come in various colours and which she drapes around her in different ways. The hair sticking out from under her hood is of a mousey brown colour and a closer look at her face reveals that she’s not in her 20s anymore. A keen observer might catch a glimpse of bits of leather armour under the bits of fabric around her shoulders, but it turns out to be surprisingly difficult to make out the exact contours of the person wearing it.


Zeb is a courier, someone who delivers things to whoever is paying for it. As such, she still considers herself to be somewhat of a freelancer in the Queen’s intelligence services, although she has a pretty good idea that turning down an assignment might not be a good idea. She’s used to working on her own and this new mission from Master Threx leaves her somewhat bemused but also anxious – if someone like him is nervous, what’s really going on? One way to find out…


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