Solinar Westwood

A charming nano who works miracles


- Early to mid twenties
- Short black hair
- Handsome, very piercing green eyes
- About 6’0" tall, well built (but not particularly muscular)
- Dresses well (usually suits while in the city, with long coats)
- Wields a shortbow


Solinar Westwood (Sol to most) is the oldest of four siblings (two pairs of twins) born to Lord Dalinar and Lady Nevani Westwood. His family boasts numerous ancestors skilled with, and with much knowledge of, the numenera – his parents, for example, headed numerous research projects (some privately funded, others under contract from Her Majesty’s government) that sought to better understand the oddities of the past. Ten years ago, when Solinar and his twin sister Sakara were fourteen, Dalinar and Nevani both died in an accident relating to this research – worse yet the project, partly funded by the crown and partly from the Westwood estate, was scrapped, the invested funds entirely wasted. Solinar and Sakara were left, inexperienced, to not only manage the teetering family finances, but also to take care of their younger siblings (the second set of twins, known as Elias and Elana).

For much of the last decade, the remainder of the family has lived in seclusion in their fortified and ancient stronghold deep in the Westwood; their apartments in the city, which for many years were the beating heart of the capital social scene, have lain empty and abandoned. Just last year, however, Solinar returned to the city. He hasn’t made a big deal of it, doesn’t live in the family apartments, and very rarely uses his family name. Those few in the know will say that he has started working directly for the Crown, undertaking difficult assignments to begin finally getting funds and (more importantly) support to restart the project and restore his family’s fortunes. Sakara, Elias and Elana remain in the Westwood…

Solinar Westwood

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