Sodrun Ak [deceased]

Resk's lover, now employed by Threx.


Known as one half of ‘The Lovers’, as many who frequent the Grove call them, Ak is the not-human lover of Mordicant Koda Resk.
Gray-black skin, cold eyes and standing a full head above the tallest man, none know where Sodrun is from or exactly what he is. Those crueller in Charmonde’s elite call him Abhuman, not worthy of their respect or notice, not that such things are said within earshot of either of them…

Shortly after the murder of Sister Charon, or Sylensa Everring, at the Grove Sodrun Ak was captured through some unknown means and has turned up at the Fireside Masquerade to be the latest victim of the Grace’s power at the hands of the Prophet.


Sodrun has since been cured of the Grace, by the only available method of Deathwatch parasite infection, and agreed to recieve a Numenera implant from Father Brink that grants him certain abilities. This has caused something of a difficulty in his relationship with Koda but Sodrun has not revealed his reasons for doing this even to his lover.

He now accompanies the intelligencers on their trip to the Black City.


Falling victim to the energy-draining properties of the Protector of the Black City, and subsequently the ‘gene excavation’ techniques of the Eternal Man, Sodrun has since died.


Sodrun Ak [deceased]

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