Koda Resk

A dealer in Death and other dark things.


Tall, ‘deathly’ pale man of indeterminate age. Koda is typically seen in the black overcoat of his office, a successful deterrent to many who would wish him ill.


Koda Resk is a Mordicant of the Guild of Necrologists, a ‘speaker of the dead’. While the Guild itself comprises few members, Koda is known for his capability and talent in the necrological arts.


Koda Resk was one of the people present when Sister Charon died in the Grove, known to be friends with Yvensa Everring (now deceased), it has since been discovered that Koda was the one who killed Charon.

In hiding since his attempt to disprove the involvement of Caelan, Zeb and Sol in Everring’s death, Koda has been staying in the House of the Dead..


Following the events of the Fireside Masquerade, and his attack upon the acolytes of the Grace, Resk found himself promoted to eminence within the Guild following the disappearance of the original Cadavamancer. Koda Resk has since pulled his lover, Sodrun, from the grasp of the Grace and now seeks to cure the Deathwatch before he becomes one of the Afflicted.


More recently Koda Resk has been declared ‘missing’ and a replacement for the position of Cadavamancer is being sought by the Necrologist’s Guild. This disappearance is believed to have occured immediately following the news that his partner, Sodrun Ak, died whilst on a mission for the Crown in the Black City.

Koda Resk

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