Master Threx

Queen Armalu's brusque & brutal Spy-Master.


A senior member of Queen Armalu’s Court, retains oversight of her Spy-Masters.


Threx has served as an adviser to Queen Armalu for longer than most other members of the Court. A strange looking fellow, his skin is pale white and hairless. His features are, at best, generally described as ‘bestial’. Sharp canines protrude from his mouth and thick, sharp claws sit atop the six fingers of each hand.
Common rumour and gossip is that Threx is an abhuman that Armalu somehow ‘civilised’ and for reasons known only to her, inducted him into her court. Threx has been a faithful servant of his monarch for a considerable part of her reign.

Master Threx commands the Queen’s Spy-Masters and reports directly to her.

Master Threx

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