Madame Candour

I can see all....


An enigmatic character of Charmonde, to say the least, Madame Candour is a regular at Callopa’s Eatery. Rumour has it she uses the establishment as an unofficial ‘office’ of sorts, in exchange for providing Callopa with a steady stream of customers and other useful services.

Quite what it is Candour provides, or transacts, is unclear. Common tavern gossip is that she trades in secrets and information, that she is some sort of spy or intelligencer. Others say she is the one to seek out if you need something or someone found, no matter who or what or even where.

Some things are known about Candour: she doesn’t take or give any money, she is never wrong and those who cross her or mislead her are rarely seen again. Those that are, are not quite…the same as they once were.

The last thing you need in your life is to owe a favour to Madame Candour….


Madame Candour

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