Lady Yvensa Everring [deceased]

The Woman with the Jewelled Claw


“This, simply, will not do”


Yvensa Everring is the eldest of two sisters, last remaining heir of the noble house of Everring. Her family has existed in Charmonde for generations, her lineage goes almost as far back as Naverene’s lengthy succession of monarchs.

The more ‘typical’ noble-born than her sister, Sylensa, she was a fixture at many society gatherings through the city for as long as she has been old enough to leave her stately home.
This all came to abrupt end following the death of her sister Sylensa on one of her famed expeditions to the North, notably the Cloud Crystal Skyfields.

Yvensa has not been seen in polite society since.

She currently lies unconcisous, having suffered severe burns and damage to her left arm…

Lady Yvensa Everring [deceased]

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