Father Brink

A 'former' Aeon Priest who serves Queen Armalu.


A ‘former’ Aeon Priest who leads on Queen Armalu’s research efforts. Little of his past is known to anyone, save for Armalu herself.


Father Brink speaks little, if at all, of his time in the Papacy. Most write it off as gossip, after all what kind of ‘researcher’ could Brink be to leave behind all the secrets and Numenera of the Order of Truth?

Other rumours say that he didn’t leave but was in fact thrown out. As to why…no-one seems to know, not even gossip-mongers care to speculate.

Brink himself, while a little strange looking (arguably, not for an Aeon Priest) seems to be a harmless, doddering old man. One who has been part of the Queen’s court for well over a century and is rumoured to be the only one who knows the true workings of the four fortresses that surround Charmonde, though critics are quick to point out that Brink’s apparent ‘genius’ has yet to find a way to recharge the defences within the fortresses.

Father Brink

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