A graceful glaive who murders


Standing about 5’11", Caelan moves with the grace and beauty of a natural predator. His slender build belies his strength and fighting prowess. His youthful and somewhat effeminate features make it hard to judge Caelan’s age, but he seems to be in his mid to late teens. Unblemished alabaster skin and dark red hair accentuate his piercing blue eyes. Caelan prefers to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes that do not hinder his movement. In conversation Caelan comes across as friendly and a bit naive, but perceptive people will notice a certain hard edge under all that innocence. He does not tend to wear armour or carry weapons, at least none that are visible.


Caelan does not seem to have a past. Those few people in the Empiternal House that are aware of Caelan’s existence only know that he has been working for Master Threx for a number of years, but there are no records of his birth or origins. When asked, Caelan will say that he is from the palace. If pressed further, Caelan seems to get confused by the question and the concept of ‘home’. Something in Caelan’s eyes prevents most people from asking a third time.

Caelan does not seem to have any friends or family. When not out on a mission for Master Threx he can most often be found perched motionless on some impossibly narrow and hard to reach part of the palace. Despite being in excellent shape and a highly skilled combatant, no one has ever seen Caelan practice.

When out and about with Sol and Zeb, Caelan seems continuously surprised by mundane aspects of life in the city, but is avidly learning and absorbing new information.

Update 1: His travels and experiences with Zeb and Sol have slowly been changing Caelan, making him, for lack of a better word, more human. He has become more aware of social nuances and they have succeeded in installing some sense of ethics and morality in the young assassin. While still deadly, Caelan’s first reaction to a new situation is less likely to be violence.

Update 2: During his travels to the Black City, Caelan has learned that he has a mother and was part of a special bio-engineering programme that gave birth to a whole range of brainwashed servitors used by the rich and powerful in the Black City. Afraid for her son’s life in case the ruling council figured out just how special he was, Allara, a scientist on the bio-engineering programme, “sold” Caelan to Master Threx in the hopes of giving her son a better life in Charmonde. While the Black City is no more, Allara and Caelan are still getting used to being reunited as Caelan has no real attachment to his mother and no experience of what it means to have a family.


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