Administrex Lenne [deceased]

A senior adviser in Queen Armalu's Court.


Gariette Lenne is a capable and extremely ambitious. The former makes her an invaluable resource for the Queen, the latter makes her more dangerous than Master Threx.


Gariette Lenne has served as Administrex for many years and is valued by the Queen for her efficiency and knowledge of Naverene’s workings. Lenne rose quickly to her current position, outwardly on merit but court gossip suggests otherwise. It has been said that Lenne possesses an ambition that is almost pathological, whether or not the Queen is aware of this remains to be seen.

As Administrex Lenne supervises the executive or administrative arm of the Queen’s rule, maintaining a staff of several hundred to carry out the wishes of the Queen and keeping more junior members of the court in line. Aeon Priests, Generals and even the cadres of Nanos have been cowed by the Administrex.

Administrex Lenne [deceased]

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