The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The 'Wrong' Flesh...

After a fraught battle with the Daughters of the Wreave, the investigators find themselves staring at a malformed creature that may be the next Wreave but professes that it has not had the “white flesh, the pure flesh”.

As Solinar fights the effects of the Wreavling’s poison, Caelan watches over the creature and Zeb traverses the city unseen to seek help from contacts at the local university. Before leaving, she takes Sol to her hideaway, allowing him to rest, and discovers that Master Threx has been there and left some useful gifts for her and her companions.

Having previously sold creatures and remains of such to the university’s Biology department, Zeb has made a fast friend of Professor Semble Knox; an expert of the many creatures of the Ninth World. Convincing the professor to abandon his work and come with her to Arulli’s Hem to see the half-Wreave, Zeb hurries back with the hope that he can also help her companion to live through the effects of the Wreavling’s poison.

Meanwhile, the creature attempts to converse with Caelan. First it asks for blood, then declares it ‘remembers him’ before attempting to cut off parts of its own body, the ‘wrong’ flesh. In attempting to stop the creature harming itself, Caelan grabs its arm and experiences a flurry of images in his mind that momentarily stuns him. Perhaps something of the Wreave remains in this new and deformed incarnation?

Whilst Professor Knox’s ministrations to Sol only delay his symptoms, he excitedly examines the creature and makes arrangements to transport it back to the University.

What is this new creature? This new Wreave? What will the Professor learn?
Will Solinar survive the poisons? What did the new Wreave show Caelan?



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