The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Showdown

In an attempt to bring her plan to completion, Administrex Lenne brings the Prophet, her loyal guard and her lackey to Armalu’s very door.

A fight ensues where cyphers are cast about, the guard are overcome and the Prophet attempts to spread the Grace even further…

As the dust settles and Father Brink arrives with the remaining Queensguard still loyal to the Queen, Caelan elects to end Lenne’s plans in a more permanent fashion.

Left with the unconscious body of the Prophet, Armalu orders Brink to ‘take what they need’ from the priest with the help of ‘Elinor’.

Before being consigned to bed-rest, the three agents witness the apparent recovery of one of the Prophet’s Disciples who was struck by the Mordicant’s strange device – yet also apparently afflicted with the Deathwatch parasite.

An omnious audience with Armalu looms ahead….



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