The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Search

Using a ‘trusty’ cypher, the group determine that the former Cadavomancer was involved in the attack upon the Guild of Necrologist’s supply of Purifiers to cure the parasites that can eat away the Grace.

Further investigation reveals that the former Cadavomancer was not captured by the Queensguard following the events of the Masquerade, and that spontaenous fires have ripped through certain, vital parts of Charmonde destroying useful evidence and tools in the fight to contain and prevent the Grace.

Solinar manages to question those in the Guild who witnessed, and experienced, the attack upon the Purifier stores in the Guild and manages to heal their terrible burns whilst narrowly avoiding experiencing the same. His mental prodding determines the former Cadavomancer Krin was not alone when he razed the Guild stores.

Zeb and Caelan take to the alleyways and underbelly of Charmonde for their answers, heading to Callopa’s Eatery to ask questions and work out if they like the answers. They chance upon Madame Candour who, in return for a small favour, helps them locate Krin before he escapes Charmonde and at the same time chillingly offers Caelan a prediction about his near-future.

After all, Madame Candour sees all….



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