The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Once-Wreave

Having tracked the Once-Wreave to the original hide-out of the Wreave’s Daughters, a decrepti warehouse in Arulli’s Hem, the intrepid intelligencers are faced with the creature’s curious and savage need to survive.

A harrowing battle ensues, the Once-Wreave proving to be a formidable foe but ultimately no match for Caelan’s deadly grace and Zeb’s surreptitious stealth, with Solinar’s gentle miracles sealing wounds as fast as the Once-Wreave inflicts them.

Having burnt the body of the creature, making sure it is most definitely dead and gone, Zeb returns to the University to lecture Professor Knox on the dangers of not keeping his specimens more secure.
Solinar checks up on the girl, Mara, whom he brought back from the brink of death in a local shelter in the Hem and confirms that she doesn’t carry the Once-Wreave’s poison that almost turned him into one of the Afflicted.

A plan is discussed and loosely made to intercept a member of the Grace and determine if Solinar’s healing talents, powerful as they are, extend to ‘curing’ a person of the Grace. Alas, the attempt is unsuccessful when tested on an acolyte in the marketplace.

For now, the Fireside Masquerade awaits!



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