The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Last 24 Hours

Following on from Madame Candour’s ‘tip’ about the former-Cadavomancer’s whereabouts, the intrepid three make their way to the West Gate. All the while discussing the best approach to the fugitive, Sol and Zeb elect to have Caelan attempt to kidnap Krin and plan to question him as to his motives and methods.

However things to not go to plan as Krin resists any attempts to be subdued, using his formidabble necrologic talents in the process. Accompanied by two desicatted Seskii hounds, Krin binds Caelan to the spot and unleashes his undead gods at once. A stealthy side-step and neat ‘bump’ by Zeb allows Caelan to wake from his stupor and the sneakiest member of the group to hold a knife to Krin’s throat.

Krin attempts to kill himself, to avoid questioning, but Sol’s miraculous skills bring him straight back to life.
The intelligencers are able to commandeer a warehouse in Arulli’s Hem to question Krin, learning of his hate and vitriol towards Armalu and the city of Charmonde. He claims responsibility for the fires that destroyed the city’s stores of Purifiers. During a brief lucid moment, it becomes apparent that Krin knows Solinar’s sister and cites her as the source of the ‘Detonates’ seen in the Cypher’s vision of the Guild of Necrologists fire. He also comments that Caelan is ‘barely even human’.

As if deciding he has revealed to much, Krin issues a silent command to his Seskii hounds who promptly savage his head and neck, tearing it clean off and preventing any further attempts at resurrection.


Returning to the Empiternal House, the group arrive at Threx’s office to hear the latter part of an argument between Koda Resk, the new Cadavomancer, and his lover, Sodrun Ak, who has since been cured of the The Grace but now also sports the Numenera implant last seen on one of Administrex Lenne’s lackeys during the Fireside Masquerade. Koda appears particularly unhappy with the situation.

A brief discussion with Threx outlines some of the ‘complexities’ of the current situation. It would appear there are still acolytes of the Grace in their informal temple in the centre of the city, aggressively converting guards and citizens alike. Threx indicates General Doe is there overseeing the situation, however the party elect not to inform Threx of the General’s involvement on the attempt on Armalu’s life. The Spymaster also states that an envoy of the Amber Papacy is on their way to ‘investigate’ the situation with the Grace as word has made it all the way to the seat of the Order of Truth in Qi, and the Amber Pope himself has expressed ‘concerns’ over the matter. The representatives arrive in a few days and Threx stresses the need to obtain more Purifiers from the Black City.

Master Threx goes some way to explaining the cryptic directions found in the Guild records of the previous trip to Black City, revealing that the Queen herself has some sort of arrangement with the Convergence whereby they can use one of their facilities in Charmonde to travel quickly to their destination. He furnishes the group with funds to purchase mounts and provisions, and bids them on their way – sending the newly employed Sodrun with them as insurance.

A brief conversation with Koda Resk reveals he knows nothing of why Sodrun agreed to the implant, which grants him odd abilities but can only be removed on his death, nor why he is helping Threx. Zeb manages to hint that all may not be above board with General Doe, who is currently overseeing the containment of the Grace in the middle of the city. Koda agrees to look into the situation.

With that, the three retire to their beds to await the start of their journey South…



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