The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Journey continues...

Part II

On arrival at the Empty Sanctum the group are greeted by Magister Bron of the Convergence, an organisation often found to be in opposition to the Order of Truth and the Amber Pope due to a more ‘relaxed’ approach to research, acquisition and investigation of Numenera.

On entering The Empty Sanctum the group see an artifact that Bron later refers to as a ‘conduit’ and under a barrage of questions from Solinar admits that these connect the different Convergence sites in and around Navarene. Indeed, such enthusiastic questioning prompts Bron to suggest that Solinar may find a place for himself with the Convergence…

Travel on The Wireship is largely uneventful at first, allowing Solinar and Zeb to attempt to befriend the other low-ranking magisters accompanying them on their journey aboard the fantastic artifact. A brief tour lets them see the impressive technology of the craft and marvel at how stable and quick it travels through the night above the Nine Kingdoms.

The journey is interrupted as the craft appears to suffer some sort of engine failure, which Bron immediately accuses the group of causing though much speculation is had by all as to whom it could be – Sodrun? The Corporals? The Convergence itself attempting to interfere?
These musings are interrupted by the arrival of large and aggressive moth-like creatures that attack those aboard the ship.

Having successfully killed off the attacking creatures, the group investigate who was behind the sabotage of the ship’s engines, quickly finding that Corporal Vex was responsible. Brief questioning by Solinar and Zeb, supported by Solinar’s impressive mental abilities reveal that the Corporal was working on the orders of General Doe with the express intent of preventing their return from the Black City with the Purifiers.
Sodrun Ak confirms this, with his more aggressive mental capabilities, rendering Vex unconcious. The new agent also makes it known that he is inclined to leave the treacherous corporal with the Convergence, given that it was their ship he attempted to destroy.

Bron supplies some Numenera that takes a record of Vex’s memories for submission as evidence on return to Charmond, and it is agreed that the corporal willbe left with the magisters as punishment. During this conversation it becomes apparent that Bron has encountered someone like Caelan before, in relation to the Black City, and explains that he is some sort of biological synthetic servant that is ‘grown’ in the Black City. Bron also states he was on the last journey to the Black City which Master Threx took part in, though what he retrieved is not clear.

Who is Caelan? What is he?
Who else is out to prevent their return to Charmonde? What are General Doe’s plans?

The journey continues as the Wireship arrives at Neverlost…



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