The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Fall of the City

The Black City has fallen, swallowed in a catastrophic fight between the Protector and a falling philethis, the resulting clash of vast powers levelling the floating city.

Aboard the vessel, the three agents struggle to regain their health, work out their next steps and make further plans.

Allara, mother of Caelan and now former ‘geneplanner’ of the Black City struggles to find her place in the aftermath of her city’s death and reconcile with her son – still distant from her, in the way those born of the Black City are.

Councilwoman Taurell, the Mistress of Sorrow, slumbers in a stasis chamber in the vessel’s hold. Solinar interrogates her unconcious mind with his menal abilities and manages to converse with the former Councillor of the Black City. Taurell offers information and insight into her powers, in exchange for her life.

The vessel speeds across the desert, across the Black Riage and closes in on Charmonde in a matter of hours. A slight chime as they vessel approaches the edge of Naverene wakes those aboard from their slumber.



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