The Nine Kingdoms: A History

The Escape

As the party quickly discuss what to do, now that Councillor Taurell is outside the vessel, Qi’Vara hears the ship warn that cragwurms have begun attempting to ‘phase’ into the hull and a cragwurm queen has been disturbed and is circling the craft.

Qi’vara mentions something called an ‘Amplifier’ before suddenly collapsing to the floor with blood pouring from eyes, something Solinar quickly attributes to a concentrated psychic attack – something the group deduce is likely to be from Councillor Taurell whom Caelan has experienced the abilities of first-hand.

Zeb quickly acts and uses the ship’s communications device, firstly in an attempt to issue a warning to anything attempting to enter the ship and then to speak directly with Taurell, whom she fools into believing that the group are stuck on the ship and attempting to work out how to open the airlock again.

Caelan attempts to use the ship’s weapon to fight off the cragwurm queen, with some success but at great cost – the strange technology proves overwhelming in view of the memories of his time in the Black City that have recently resurfaced.

Solinar tries to rouse Qi’Vara who tells him that the Amplifier can extend his telekinetic abilities, which he can use to shield the ship – using this proves too much for Qi’Vara, instead Solinar uses it to do the same.

A sudden attack by the cragwurm queen slams into Solinar’s shield, causing him painful feedback, but Zeb keeps her footing whilst Caelan falls to the ground and causes Qi’Vara to smash his head against the hull and render him unconcious

Any further attempts to deter the cragwurm queen prove fruitless – including de-powering the ship or firing at it until the ship’s weapons malfunction. Solinar uses the Amplifier to extend more of his own powers to free the ship from it’s rocky prison, in the nick of time the group activate the ship’s engines and enable it to maintain a stationary position in the air outside the Black City, out of reach of the cragwurm queen.

Tired, hurt and out of breath, the group attempt to plan their next move.



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