The Nine Kingdoms: A History

Smoke and Charmonde

Attending an audience with the Queen the party are informed that there have been several more attacks from the Detonates on significant buildings throughout the city – namely the Grove, the Roaring Zebrix (and as such, Zeb’s hideout), the University and the House of the Dead.

Master Threx and Queen Armalu also inform the party that the Amber Pope himself has arrived from Qi, aboard the infamous airship ‘Calaval’, and has deployed his Seneschal and Monoliths to ‘help’ with the issues of the Detonates. It’s clear neither Threx nor Armalu are all that enamoured with this ‘help’ – the Queen in fact indicates this is a show of weakness on her part, to the other kingdoms.

The Queen is insistent that the group support and expedite the Seneschal’s investigation in the city, where they have recently declared a loose martial law, in order to resolve the Detonate attacks and quicken the Pope’s departure from the city.
This may have something to do with the fact that the Crown clearly has, or had, some sort of arrangement with the Convergence.

The Monolith’s have set up an HQ in the Market Square, near the Grove, and the Seneschal directs all investigations from there. On arriving, the party witness a Detonate attack and manage to stop it before it causes too much damage – whilst they are unable to save the Detonate, they find it was in fact General Doe, formerly head of the Queensguard and believed to be behind this latest plot against the Crown with the former (and deceased) Cadavomancer.

The group meet with Professor Iridian Havarth, a ‘remembrologist’, and his companion known only as ‘Daughter’. The Professor appears harmless enough, if a little bumbling, however it is his ‘Daughter’ who appears to be the one able to determine previous events with her strange abilities – closer conversation reveals her likely to be a Daughter of a previous Wreave, though which one is not known.

The group and Daughter determine that the Detonate entered the Market Square from a dead-end alleyway, ‘appearing from thin air’ and theorise if the Convergence are involved – Solinar already knows his sister is involved in the creation of the Detonates.

Meanwhile, Cadavomancer Resk has take a leave of absence presumably to grieve over his loss and the Grove is due to re-open the following evening – Solinar has garnered the hand of Taya Emols for the event.



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