The Nine Kingdoms: A History

Return from the Black City

On escaping the remains of the Black City, the intelligencers of Charmonde find their way back to the Nine Kingdoms – following a route similar to the one that brought them there save for this time they are aboard the strange flying artifact formerly known as the Night Craft..

The journey back brings them close to the Empty Sanctum once again, which they find protected by strange automatons and, oddly enough, quite empty.

A short exploration reveals no-one left in a hurry, plenty of strange documents and the odd numenera device – interrupted by the activation of a strange portal in the centre of the Sanctum through which Magister Bron returns and attempts to elicit details of the party’s return.

Using one of the ‘amnesia bombs’ found on the vessel, the party escape and make their return however en route the vessel suffers crippling power loss and Taurell’s capsule lets her out – with her formidable psychic abilities she informs them erstwhile crew that the ship is ‘sick’ and ‘broken’. The recently healed Qi’Vara agrees with her assessment and both psychics use their powers to ‘heal’ the ship, subsuming their personalities into the vessel in the process.

The Night Craft is born as a new creature, some strange combination of the alien and the telepath, taking the name ‘Nautilus’ at Solinar and Zeb’s suggestion.

The party encourage Nautilus to hide itself in the foothills outside Charmonde whilst they return and find out what has gone in their absence.



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