The Nine Kingdoms: A History


An audience with Queen Armalu leads the group to seek out the research of Father Brink and the effects of the Deathwatch parasite from the Necrologist’s Guild.

Brink’s laboratory contains the remenents of Lenne‘s agent and the Prophet, apparently in some form of stasis and the parasite that may ’cure’ the Grace.
Solinar elects to allow Brink to test the parasite against his own abilities to heal whilst the others seek out the new Cadavamancer and source more of the parasite for study.

On arriving at the Guild of Necrologists, Caelan and Zeb find it has been brutally attacked by a faction of the Queensguard, destroying their supplies of purifiers which are the only things known to cure the Deathwatch parasite. The newly minted Cadavamancer, Koda Resk, states that the only source is the Black City, south of the Black Riage, many miles away from the Charmonde that breeds the purifiers. The last time he knows of the kingdom’s contact with the City was centuries ago.

During the course of his testing, Sol discovers Brink was once an Aeon Priest and part of the Amber Papacy but his reasons for being in Armalu’s court are not yet clear.

Regrouping in a place they feel is beyond the eyes of the Crown, the group attempt to plan their next move….



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