The Nine Kingdoms: A History

Exploring the Nightcraft

Upon from recovering from whatever occurred a few moments before, the party find the body of Grix lying on the floor of the hold and an open compartment in the smooth white walls of the vessel.

Returning to the main corridor, they find all entrances save those to the rear and fore of the vessel completely sealed. The rear room contains signs of significant damage to the interior of the vessel.

Moving back along towards the control room, the party find a white-skinned figure staring at a star map in confusion. A brief tussle begins but ends when the creature’s device seems not to have any effect – it quickly employs some sort of telepathic ability to learn the party’s language and identifies itself as Qi’Vara, a ‘commodity’ en route to its ‘owner’ before being set free from the hold and attempting to escape the ship.

It quickly becomes apparent that Qi’Vara is not from this planet, nor from this time. Describing technology, species and places that none in the party have ever heard of.

Solinar quickly briefs Qi’Vara on the reasons why they are in the ship and why they need it, Qi’Vara explains some of the ship’s capabilities but hints that it is somehow ‘broken’ and not fully functional despite the many fantastical things it appears to be able to do.

Qi’Vara demonstrates how to operate some things on the ship, the party are able to view the exterior once more and see that Councilwoman Taurell is approaching accompanied by two Servitors and some City Guards.

A brief exploration of the ship, with Qi’Vara, reveals some further interesting oddities and cyphers, and the group attempt to find more of the ‘translators’ that Qi’Vara wears. Zeb discovers some repair devices and attempts to phase through the, unbeknownst to her, wall of the ship’s hold which triggers some alarms within the vessel.

Solinar decides to make use of the impressive medical facilities to help Caelan recover more of his memories – the process appears to work but Caelan experiences some repressed memories of Councilwoman Taurell, removing emotions and feeling from him, and Councilman Ixa, carving into his very flesh and causing terrible pain. During this, Caelan strikes out and accidentally injures Solinar.
The experience leaves him visibily shaken, afraid and guilty over losing control – all of which Solinar is pleased at, feeling that he is ‘freeing himself’ from his conditioning.

Whilst the alarms go off in the ship, Caelan goes to the airlock believing their to be an intruder but see’s no-one, but does hear the approach of people through the ruins the ship is buried in.

The adventure ends as Councilwoman Taurell rounds the corner, appearing dressed for dinner as opposed to trekking through ruins, and exclaims happily that they found a way inside the vessel. Zeb hurriedly asks Qi’Vara to seal the airlock without responding to the Councilwoman.



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